Arrow Applique Pattern

Online arrow shirt applique pattern and more free applique sewing patterns. This arrow pattern also has trim to match on the shirt collar and button plaques.

Free Sewing Projects - Arrow Applique Pattern

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Applique Pattern:

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Denim shirt
Scraps of material
Thread to match material
Three small buttons
Wonder Under

Arrow Shirt

Iron Wonder Under on the wrong side of the material.
Follow the manufacturer's directions for ironing on the
Wonder Under.

From the material with the Wonder Under applied, cut a
piece 17 1/2" long and 1 1/4" wide. This will be the
collar piece.

Trace pattern pieces on the Wonder Under and cut out
all pieces. Position each piece on shirt with right
side of the material up. Iron patterns on as directed
for the Wonder Under.

Sew pieces on with a medium width tight zig zag
stitch. Or you can vary the stitch from tight to
loose on different parts of the pattern pieces.

Sew a button on the top part of the heart. Sew two
buttons on the square that is on the opposite side of the shirt.

Have fun sewing!

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