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Cats and Birdhouses Shirt
Applique patterns - ready to print and sew

Sew much little time!
Birds, birdhouses and cats complete this delightful denim shirt.
The applique patterns would also be great on a hanging wall quilt!

Cats and Birdhouses Shirt
Cats and Birdhouses Applique Pattern:

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Denim shirt
Scraps of material
Thread to match
Wonder Under

Cats and Birdhouses Shirt

Iron Wonder Under on the wrong side of the material.
Follow the manufacturer's directions for ironing on the
Wonder Under.

From the material with the Wonder Under applied, cut
one piece 17 1/2" long by 1 1/4" wide. This piece will be
used on the collar.

Trace pattern pieces on the Wonder Under and cut out
all pieces. Remove Wonder Under paper backing from
all pieces. Position each piece on shirt with right
side of the material up. Iron pattern pieces on the
shirt as directed for the Wonder Under.

Sew pieces on with a medium tight zig zag stitch.

This is another easy and fun shirt to make, so enjoy sewing!!!!!!!!!!

Copyright 2014 Donna Koepp. You may create finished products to sell or for personal use.
This copyrighted pattern may not be sold. The finished products and pattern may not be mass marketed.


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