Sweet Angel Applique Pattern

With this sweet angel applique, you'll be able to create loads of unique quilts, wall hangings and banners with this collection of shapes and patterns.

The set includes an angel, trumpet, stars and clouds, so you can mix and match the components to design your own special scene.

This applique pattern pieces are easily enlarged or reduced, so you can include a variety of sizes for clouds and stars, while the entire pattern can also be made in different sizes for both large and small applique projects.

You can also embellish the applique pieces with hand stitching, glitter, yarn and other heavenly accessories.

Clear out your scrap bin by using a variety of fabrics, designs and colors to create a multi-color quilted wall hanging, or use out-door fabrics to stitch a holiday banner to hang from your front porch. Include other applique pattern pieces for a totally unique holiday decoration you'll enjoy for years.

Angel Pattern for Applique

Angel Applique Pattern:

Click here to print the outline of the angel with trumpet

Click here to print the outline of the clouds and stars

Supplies to Applique the Angel

Small amounts of material
Thread to match the material
Wonder Under
Black embroidery floss

Iron Wonder Under on the wrong side of material.
Follow the manufacturer's directions for ironing on the Wonder Under.

Trace pattern pieces on the Wonder Under and cut out all pieces. Remove Wonder Under paper backing from all pieces. Position each piece with right side of the material up. Iron pattern pieces on the fabric as directed for the Wonder Under.

Use black embroidery floss for french knots for the eyes.

Sew pieces on with a medium tight zig zag stitch.