Easy Quilt Pattern Instructions

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Easy Quilt Pattern

This easy quilt can be made it into a twin size quilt or all the way to a king size quilt depending how many rows you add on.

1. Cut 91 total 7" x 7" squares, or more squares for a larger quilt.

2. Arrange squares according to the diagram starting with number 1 in the center of the quilt, then number 2, etc. This can be made from new fabric of your choice or it can be made from scraps of fabric.

3. Pick up the first row and pin the squares all together with a number one on it. Do the same for the other rows marking rows 2, 3, etc.

4. Now sew each row. Sew all the squares in row one together and then do the same for all the other rows. Use a 1/4" seam.

5. Press seams. Press seam from row one and all odd rows down and every even row seam up. Just remember "even up, odd down". This will make for a smoother seam.

6. After the rows are pressed, you are ready to sew the rows together, making sure even row seams are up and odd rows are sewed down.

7. Now press the seams you just sewed. Press them all to the left. Layer and quilt by hand or machine.

8. You will need strips to use as borders. Cut strips 2 1/4" wide and the length of the quilt on all sides. Put right sides together, the strip and quilt, and sew 1/4" from edge. Turn under to wrong side and sew strips down by hand.