Baby Quilt Patterns - Free Easy Baby Quilt to Sew

This is a very easy baby quilt to make. It can be made into a baby quilt or a lap robe by using scraps of fabric. It can also be made into a larger quilt by adding more rows and longer rows.

How to Make a Baby Quilt

1. Cut 64 total 6"x6" squares. Use at least two or more different fabrics.

2. Arrange the 6" squares in rows with every other color. Put eight across and eight down.

3. Pick up the first row of eight and pin it together with a number one on it. Do the same for the other rows.

4. Now you are ready to sew each row. Sew all the squares together in row one and then do row 2, etc. Use a 1/4" seam.

5. After the rows are done, you are ready to sew the rows together.

6. Press seams toward the border. Layer and quilt by hand or machine.

7. You will need strips to use as borders. Cut strips 2 and 1/4" and the length of the quilt on all sides. Put right sides together and sew strips to quilt top. Turn under to wrong side and sew strips down by hand.

Hope you had fun making this easy baby quilt!

Click here for a printer friendly instruction page.

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