Noah's Ark Applique Pattern, Clipart

This collection of Noah's Ark applique patterns, featuring 11 clipart images and applique patterns, immerses you in the Biblical story of Noah and his ark, a narrative filled with lessons of hope and obedience.

The array of applique patterns and clipart includes the ark, Noah himself, and a representative selection of five animals, alongside an illustrative portrayal of the ark brimming with creatures. A rain cloud symbolizes the divine intervention that led to the great flood, while two sayings encapsulate the moral and spiritual lessons drawn from this profound story.

Perfect for educators looking to impart the story of Noah's Ark, craft enthusiasts seeking to add to their projects with biblical themes, or anyone aiming to bring a piece of sacred history into their crafts, the Noah's Ark clipart offer a unique toolkit. Each element is designed not only to inspire creativity but also to facilitate the sharing of one of the Bible's most powerful tales of redemption and covenant between God and humanity.

noah-mockup patterns

Noah's Ark Applique Pattern Outlines

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Materials for Creating Applique Wall Hangings

To embark on your applique wall hanging journey, you'll need just a few essential supplies:

- Small amounts of fabric in your desired colors and patterns
- Thread that matches your fabric choices
- Fusible web for adhering your applique pieces

Begin by carefully ironing the fusible web onto the wrong side of your fabric, following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Once the fusible web is securely attached, trace your desired pattern pieces onto the fusible web and carefully cut out all pieces. Remove the paper backing from each piece.

Next, position your fabric pieces with the right side facing up and align them according to your chosen design. With the pattern pieces in place, use an iron to firmly adhere them to the fabric, ensuring they are securely bonded.

Finally, it's time to stitch your applique pieces onto your base fabric. Using a medium tight zigzag stitch, sew around the edges of each piece to secure them in place. With careful attention to detail and a bit of creative flair, you'll soon have a beautiful applique wall hanging to adorn your space.

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