Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Prayer Applique Pattern, Clipart

Welcome to clip art dedicated to one of the most cherished bedtime prayers, "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep."

The collection features 11 clipart and applique patterns that capture the essence of peaceful slumber and spiritual protection.

These designs include 4 adorable kids ready for dreams in their cozy beds. The Now I Lay Me clipart also includes symbols of faith and comfort such as a Bible, a cross, and a teddy bear to snuggle with. The collection is also enriched with four sayings that echo the prayer's gentle words.

The patterns of this beloved prayer are perfect for creating appliques, quilts, and crafts that not only beautify but also bless. Whether you're crafting a gift for a loved one, decorating a child's room, or creating items for community or church events, these "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" clipart and applique patterns offer a meaningful way to incorporate a prayerful sentiment into your projects.

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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Applique Pattern Outlines

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Supplies Needed for Crafting Applique Wall Hangings

To start your journey into creating stunning applique wall hangings, gather these essential materials:

- Small quantities of fabric in your preferred colors and patterns
- Matching thread to complement your fabric selections
- Fusible webbing for attaching your applique pieces

Begin by gently pressing the fusible webbing onto the reverse side of your fabric with an iron, adhering to the manufacturer's instructions. Once securely affixed, trace your desired pattern shapes onto the fusible webbing and carefully cut them out. Remove the paper backing from each piece.

Then, arrange your fabric pieces with their right sides facing up, aligning them according to your envisioned design. Using an iron, firmly bond the pattern pieces to the fabric.

Finally, it's time to stitch your applique pieces onto your chosen base fabric. Employing a medium-tight zigzag stitch, sew around the edges of each piece to firmly secure them in place.

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