Quick Quilt Patterns - Easy Quilt to Make

Another easy and quick quilt to make. You can make a large quilt or a baby quilt using this pattern.

Quick Quilt Pattern
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Choose the fabric and thread you will be using. I chose two different fabrics for the baby quilt and four different fabrics for the large quilt. You can make this quilt any size you want by just adding more squares to it.

I used one light color printed fabric with a darker printed fabric. I made mind in five inch squares but you can make the squares any size you want to. Then take a light colored squares and make a line from one corner to the opposite corner with a pencil. Then put a light square and a dark square, right sides together, and sew a quarter inch on both sides of your line. Now you can cut the square on your penciled line and you will have two squares.

You make as many of these squares as you want for the size your quilt will be.

When you are all done putting your squares together to make the size quilt you want, you might want to put an edge around the four sides. I usually like to put two borders of different colors for the edge of the quilt. Just measure the top of the quilt and cut out two pieces, one for the top and one for the bottm. I usually make the first one two inches and the second one three inches so that there is two borders around the quilt. Now measure the sides of the quilt, after you get the top and bottom border sewn on, and cut two of them for the sides of the quilt. Then sew the side borders on.

This is an easy quilt to make and fun too!

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