Reindeer Pattern, Reindeer Quilt Block

This little reindeer is taking time off from his North Pole duties to pose for a cute Christmas applique pattern that's sure to show up on lots of holiday gifts and decorations. Use him as part of a colorful holiday quilt, along with a snowman, gingerbread boy, angel and maybe even the big elf, himself!

This simple pattern is sure to add a festive look to Christmas stockings, pillows, shirts and wall hangings. Add extra embellishments like tiny bells for added fun.

This cute reindeer head pattern can be part of a Christmas quilt or appliqued on pillows, sweatshirts or stick him on a pocket.
Reindeer Applique Block
Reindeer Pattern:

Click here to print the pattern pieces

Click here to print the finished reindeer head


Small amounts of fabric
Thread to match the fabric
Wonder Under
Black embroidery floss

Iron Wonder Under on the wrong side of fabric.
Follow the manufacturer's directions for ironing on the Wonder Under.

Trace pattern pieces on the Wonder Under and cut out all pieces.
Remove Wonder Under paper backing from all pieces.
Position each piece with right side of the fabric up.
Iron pattern pieces on the fabric as directed for the Wonder Under.

Use black embroidery floss for french knots for the eyes.

Sew pieces on with a medium tight zig zag stitch.