Santa Pattern and Quilt Block

Jolly Old Saint Nick is here with a fluffy white beard and ready to adorn your Christmas stitchery creations. This Santa Claus applique is very cute and can be added to almost any Christmas craft or holiday gift.

Santa Applique Block

Choose velvety fabrics for his beard and his cap for a plush look and a bit of permanent paint to give his cheeks a rosy glow. Use a contrasting color when stitching around his cap trim, beard and mustache, so they'll be noticeable. Use French knots to make his eyes, and you can even add some small embellishments to the tassel end of his cap.

This santa head pattern is just waiting to be appliqued on a stocking or wall hanging. He would also make a cute santa quilt block.

Santa Pattern:

Click here to print the pattern pieces
Click here to print the finished snowman head


Small amounts of material
Thread to match the material
Wonder Under
Black embroidery floss

Iron Wonder Under on the wrong side of material.
Follow the manufacturer's directions for ironing on the Wonder Under.

Trace pattern pieces on the Wonder Under and cut out all pieces. Remove Wonder Under paper backing from all pieces. Position each piece with right side of the material up. Iron pattern pieces on the fabric as directed for the Wonder Under.

Use black embroidery floss for french knots for the eyes.

Sew pieces on with a medium tight zig zag stitch.